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Touken Ranbu: Yamatonokami and Honebami by 23rdAngel
Touken Ranbu: Yamatonokami and Honebami
New batch of katana commission. Have revised everything I have learned in making the katana from the scabbard to the tiniest of details. Will base my katana builds as close as possible as how traditional katanas were made. The two katanas are based on Touken Ranbu's Uchigatana and Wakizashi; Yamatonokami and (my fav wakizashi) Honebami. Hope you love this new builds too :)

Relearned how to do the sageo knot as well as doing the tsukamaki (handle wrap) on the katana.

League of Legends: Superb Veigar Tutorial by 23rdAngel
League of Legends: Superb Veigar Tutorial
Here ya go another tutorial from the Superb Villain Veigar's gauntlets and staff. A bulk of the work here is done by trial and error so there is no "real" correct process in forming the claw or the gauntlet. Sometimes you just have to trust your instincts then carefully guide/adjust it through patience. This is a rather long tutorial so I'll stop and let it speak for itself.

Fave and comment if you like content like these. Your feedbacks could help me improve the quality of my tuts.

League of Legends: Superb Villain Veigar by 23rdAngel
League of Legends: Superb Villain Veigar
Another League related work, it goes together with my Lulu staff commission.
The gauntlet is huge in comparison to the cosplayer's hand to give it that prominent and cartoonish look. You could also say it is already AP stacked to the maximum. The staff took me one day to finish with trial and error in forming the claw. :ahoy:

For Tutorial, click at the link below:…


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Brainstorming the clouds
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This is Kuya Joe the 23rdangel and I'm a Game Cosplayer. I also enjoy doing digital painting, photography and traditional arts but Above all, I love games.

Personal Quote: "100% Opacity is Never Enough."
Finally Rampage 2014 has announced their event date in their main page some days ago (was waiting for the whole year for the date). Will be competing in this event and we got 2 months left to prepare. Hope to finish the costume with skit in time as we also need to prepare our flight and a place to stay near the event preferably. Have to juggle this with other commissions as well (some Riot employees wants to have some armor made either for kids or for themselves /wink wink). It would be cool to win as the prize is huge and would pretty much cover up the things we spend for the cosplay, trip and stay. I'm sure we'll have a blast at the event meeting other LoL players we qued before and yet haven't met in person. So, cheers to that :ahoy:

So my friends have been into playing card fight Vanguard, a good number in the cosplay community here. It got me curious and being a gamer at card games (Mtg in particular) I decided to delve into the game and hope to learn the game and its inner mechanic. I can say its a fun game, really different from Magic the gathering, the games are fast-paced and the cards are sorta pricey too. Pricey because a lot of cards are staples in decks, especially on which archetype and the clan you play.

At present it has 24 Clans to play from and each have their own strengths at winning. Of them that caught my interest is.... the Bermuda Triangle. Yeah I know, that clan is full moe and lolis everywhere. But the more I play it the more I come to appreciate the technicalities behind the cards. They do lots of tricks, card drawing and bouncing which are the same things I like to do in magic (blue player here). My first deck is still incomplete, 17 cards short so I used some "fillers" for now. Took it to play with some friends and it was fun. The game has a good mix of skill and luck, improves your resource management and forecasting abilities.

I hope to get the missing cards soon then be able to play during my down time and the chance to just chill with the buddies.

RAMPAGE 2014 Main page:

Card Fight Vanguard:…

Car Fight Vanguard anime:…
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23rdAngel Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2016  Professional General Artist
/checks WIP pics...
Yep, I think I can make a Falchion tuts. I made a Falchion base already and she is dying to be finished for some time. When I get the time, I will continue and finish her along with her sheath too. So with that, it would take some more time to finish her than expected. Thanks!
V-kony Featured By Owner Jan 17, 2016  Hobbyist
THX 4 the fav! :)
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oh. my. GOSH. You have to show me how you made the Blue Rose, I totally need it. Was searching reference pictures when I found yours and I gotta say, I'm flipping out.
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As a present, I'll let you live. :)
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